New Year, New Blog

Happy February!

My life’s going on a bit of a tangent. I didn’t even bother with New Year resolutions this time round, because why even bother?! It’s been a month now since 2016 started, and I feel as if I weigh a bazillion pounds heavier since last year! How even?! That beautiful caramel chocolate tart is to blame, I’d say, along with a dozen other chocolate goods I’ve baked and consumed since then (guilty conscience the size of Pluto).

So, I though instead of the same old new-me resolutions, why not come up with new “blogging resolutions”! Ones that are realistically possible and which I have a chance of fulfilling.

So, the new array of posts that will be seen here on Spatula in My Pocket soon are:

  • Baking 101 posts – highly requested and coming up very very soon

  • Baking tips and tricks – just some lil bits and pieces; like substitutions, baking hacks and simple DIYs

  • Baking hauls– all the goodies I’ve bought recently or are sent to me

  • MORE Savory posts- seeing as my Chicken Karhai recipe is the most viewed, you guys obviously love savory and desi as much as you love chocolate

  • And also, Favorites – all things that I’ve been loving recently (food/kitchen related and some other random bits)

It’s a bit late to be sharing my New Year Blogging resolutions with you guys, but who is going to stop me? The blog police? The world is your pickle, my friend. Do as you please.

Look out for a new post this week. Something you’ve watched me make on Snapchat.

Regular updates of the happenings in my kitchen on Snapchat. So follow me: @noora559.

Until then, Carpe diem.

New Year Blogging resolutions

7 thoughts on “New Year, New Blog

  1. I love your new take on New Year’s resolutions…less guilt over indulging in some really tasty baked goods and more awesome content for your site. I’m looking forward to you baking 101 and baking tips. I have sooo much room for improvement 🙂


  2. I love your take on New Year’s resolutions. I’m a hit or miss baker so I’m very interested in baking 101 and baking tips and tricks. I like to blame it on my oven but maybe I can improve by following your posts 🙂


  3. So great to make blogging resolutions! It looks like you have some great plans for your blog in 2016! (And, also, I want to stick my fork into that chocolate cake photo! My “less chocolate” resolution came and went quickly. 😉 )


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